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Preventive maintenance of your equipment :

Mechanical failure can happen without warning and we often need to replace the defective parts. Preventive maintenance is the best way to minimize the risk of breakage and there for unexpected shutdowns. Our preventive maintenance service team checks your equipment periodically and performs some work when necessary, such as cleaning, lubrication, bolt tightening and minor repairs. We treat your equipment as if it were ours.

Emergency repairs :

When a piece brakes on one of your equipment, E.S.C.I. can, following a simple call, make every effort to correct the situation as soon as possible. Our expertise allows us to run repairs, modifications or make a new custom part so that your production can restart as quickly as possible.

Machining of custom gear piece :

We can custom make a part according to your specifications and your tolerance criteria. Whether it’s to correct the diameter of a piece or to fabricate a very specific custom gear piece, our team of professionals will, thanks to its expertise and its specialized machinery, access your requests efficiently and at a competitive price. For more details, go on our custom gears page.

Sectors of activities :

Although our skills are varied and we answer to the needs of companies in several industries, we have developed an expertise in certain areas such as steel industry, shipyards, pulp and paper, printing and more.

Reasonable timeframe :

The accuracy of our equipment and our expertise will ensure the delivery of your items within the agreed period. We are aware of how important these parts are to your business and to the proper functioning of your equipment and that is why we make respecting our deadlines one of our highest priorities.

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For the manufacturing of a gear piece, call us or visit us :

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